Friday, March 31, 2017

Day 14...what's in my handbag

Okay, I have been out of commission for a few days. Struck down by the flu.  It was awful.  Ugh, but I am slowly on the mend.

Okay, not what is in my handbag:

  • plastic zip lock bag with a vitamin in it.
  • charger for my Fitbit.
  • Wallet, and oh look, I have little cash and change!  woo hoo..winning.
  • Various "savings" cards for stores.
  • library card
  • old receipts
  • eye drops
  • Two small crayons from Steak-n-Shake from a visit a while back
  • Lipstick 
  • blush
  • foundation
  • Burt's Bee's chapstick
  • tissues, uh old ones. eww, I needed to clean out my purse, apparently.
  • 1 soft chew tums, orange flavor
  • Inhaler
  • Also in a wallet is various things that are in everyone's wallet, debit card, voting registration care and the like.
Pretty boring and hey I cleaned out my purse of old receipts and tissues.  I used to have a much more interesting collection when my kids were little. I never knew what I'd find. Cars, barbie shoes, dolly diaper, glitter, rocks, twigs, it was always a mystery grab bag. To be honest I kind of miss those days, even when I'd find a half eaten damp sucker someone tried to save for later without me knowing.

Now, go forth and clean out your handbag/pocket book or as Jennifer used to say your "pocket purse". LOL


Jennifer said...

Mine had even less. A spare diaper, an outfit for Little Miss , and my wallet. We travel lite.

Thelma Strobl said...

I usually do too. I am not a purse person. LOL