Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer days 15-17...............There is no place like home

Well I was without access to my blog for a few days.  OH no......okay kidding, well mostly.  We were away helping my Mom. I really didn't get any pictures either as I was too busy.  The kids sure enjoyed playing with their cousins though.  I think it is good for family to get together.  Time is precious and we are never guaranteed tomorrow.  I think we should cherish the days we have.

Drove home today and the 2 hour trip felt like 4 hours. I am so hot and tired I can't even think.  It is just so good to be home. It is always good to visit family and friends, but the lights of home are always the best lights, the best place, the best bed.  Truly:

So much to do this week and the library books to return, laundry to do and so much more. Hopefully, somewhere in there we can get the pool set up and filled..........I hope......I hope..........I hope.