Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer--Day 32.......Nanny is in the house......FAITH

My Mama has come to visit.  We had a wonderful time in church yesterday morning and then she arrived in the afternoon.  In the evening God was so present in our worship at church. I love being in church and feeling His presence. His presence goes with us wherever we go, but when it is so strong in church and in worship it makes you feel special. After all...........each of us, just as we are, are so special to Him.

God is so good.  I love watching my children step out in faith, trusting God for what seems impossible. My son has taken it upon himself to pray for Nanny's eyes until they are healed and she can see perfectly. He prayed for her last night at church.....................

Then this morning, he  prayed for her again, that God would totally heal her eyes. He said I am going to keep praying until Nanny can see.  He has no doubt that she will see again.  He has no doubt that God will answer and Nanny will see.  What kind of faith do we have?  What kind of staying power in prayer do we have?  Oh how I want the faith and staying power of a child in faith.  Jesus said we should be like little children. Lord, make me have the faith of a child to believe for what seems impossible and that God can take the impossible and make all things possible.


Jennifer said...

That picture just melts my heart.

Thelma Strobl said...

thank blessed mine too..........He will treasure this photo one day and I already do.