Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer Day 10--JFEST............

Today we went to JFEST, Christian music festival. Right now we are on a break as I became overheated. I guess it is true what the say about the "old grey mare" she aint what she used to be.  We will go back later for more music and fireworks.  In the mean time, it has been a blessed day despite being roasty toasty. They had run out of water at every vendor we tried. So we came home, I am sipping Gatorade and the kids are resting in the cool as well. We were smart we wore our sun block, hats and the like so we did what we could.  God is good all the time.
Scenes from out day:

Ready to have some fun

The MEN going forth to forge for food.

The girls and I holding down the fort.....I mean chairs.

Mommy it's hot out here.

Hannah chilaxin

Jenny hiding from Mr. Golden Sun

Ahhhhhhhh coca cola...........

I think I caught her stuffing her face but it is hard to tell out there in that sun....sorry peanut...Mommy didn't mean to get this shot. You will love it one day, I promise.

My sweet Mike, photo bombed by Chris.  LOL

Posing with the Fire truck

Family time is blessing time. Thank you Lord for great is your faithfulness unto us.