Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer--Day 34........picnic, the creek and fun

Took a picnic to a local park here that is in our community. There is no cost for this park and there is a creek that runs through it.  It is a beautiful park where one can picnic by the creek and then let the kids play without fear of it being to deep or not well maintained.  The shrieks of laughter are beyond a melody and the memories will last a life time.

So much fun having a picnic with this crew..............

making me think of how He leadeth me beside the still waters...................my cup truly does run over.

My feet are planted on the Rock of my Salvation...............

and no flood, pestilence, test or trial shall move me.  For my God is greater than anything I could ever imagine and He takes care of all of us.

And He gave me the added blessing this summer of getting a week with my precious Mama just to enjoy one another and to make precious memories that will forever linger in our minds.

God is so good, so very, very, very good.