Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer ---day 12.....Can we a circle

Today has not been a very productive day.  I wasn't feeling the greatest so we did not get much done today. However, after our devotional time, sweet, sweet Jenny said "Let's get in a circle and pray. Can we Mommy'? Absolutely, we can.    She was so precious.  She prayed for the people in Oklahoma and she prayed for her family and she prayed for our day. Each of the other two prayed for others as well and not just themselves. There prayers reaching out like ripples in a pond.

There prayers linking with each other's prayer and my own. Prayer, it has that effect it starts in the center with a person, seeking God over something or someone and it spreads out and beyond our scope because prayer has that power. Prayer has the power to effect not just ourselves but others and the world around us.

As I listened to my children's sweet, innocent prayers it made me think how the Father loves to hear us speak and talk and commune with Him the same way I enjoyed listening to my children pray. It is as precious, if not more so, for Him to hear us pray. 

Jenny, Chris, and Hannah pray about anything and everything. They pray for everyone they can think of at that moment. Nothing is too small or to big for them to take to God in prayer.  Faith............prayer............they are ripples in the pond of our lives that effect us for eternity. 

So............have you prayed to the Father today?  He is waiting.........waiting to hear your voice and the precious sound of His beloved child lifting his or her voice in faith. 

It is just as simple as a little girl, asking "Can we pray in a circle"??