Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer--Day 20--day late.....Watch me Daddy....

It was a good day. We got to go swimming in our neighbors pool. It was very nice.  I love to swim. It is by far my favorite exercise  I may not be great at it, but I love it.  Jenny started out the swim time timid of the water and slide. However, by the end of the swim time she has lost most of her timidity and was having a blast.

Chris as a testament to what God has done in him, had no fears, no qualms, no hesitancy to approach the water, try the slide or the diving board. There was a time his sensory issues would have kept him from even trying, much less enjoying himself. Anything, new, different or in a different location caused him huge issues.  While he always has been a very outgoing child, his sensory issues held him back in new or different situations.  Yesterday, I watched him enjoy the water and pool and sun and fun with total and absolute glee and abandonment.  What a work our God has done in his life. It also gives me hope for the rest of the sensory issues that need healing.  

And my sweet Hannah girl, who is all girl and can sometimes be shy and sometimes be brave had a great day. The slide she took with caution much like her sister and never did really slide off, more eased into it, slowly, surely but she did it.  She has always been the shy one, the one who holds back but also outgoing.  She is the best swimmer though.  She just inherited my dislike of heights, aka the top of the slide  I slid once just for the fun of it to show them it was fine.  Didn't matter to her, the slide just wasn't her thing. She much preferred swimming on top of and under the water.  She is so close to being able to swim without any kind of assistance.

Then we went to church for a prayer meeting.  The kids went to childcare while the adults prayed in the sanctuary. There immersed in the presence of the Lord, my heart and soul opened up and I felt the Father's arms around me.  I could see His hand moving on the lives of all of us seeking Him. What a mighty God we serve.  Oh to be immersed continually in His presence to have the complete trust and faith of a child.  As I watched my kids yesterday play, I realized they trust their Mama to keep them safe, catch them, watch them and be there for me. With cries of watch me Mommy , the knew I would. 

When we cry out to Abba Father, watch me Daddy.........He watches. He wants us to cry out "watch me Daddy".......when we take a step of faith and let go of something. Did you see me Daddy......did you see me let go of that?  He says, yes, my sweet child and I have got it. I will be here to catch I cry soul cries out WATCH ME DADDY,  CATCH ME DADDY, I NEED YOU DADDY.  For He is the best Father of them, all the best Daddy we could ever imagine.