Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer--Day 28--The Little Moments..

The best thing about this week with the kids at the grandparents has been time with Mike. We have talked, giggled and down right laughed.  It has been nice.  It makes you realize how special the little moments are, how needed the little moments are............and how we need to make more time for the little moments.  We didn't do anything fancy or expensive but we just enjoyed the little moments. Thank you Lord for the little moments. You Lord, are so faithful and so good and I praise you.  I am going to find a way to make more room for the little moments even when the kids are home...because these little moments are so important.

Maybe we can tuck the kids in bed early and dance to a love song, on the porch in the moonlight.

Maybe we can tuck the kids in bed early and watch a funny romantic movie with a bag of popcorn to share.

Maybe we can pull the chairs out on the deck and watch the moonlight, after spraying down with mosquito repellent and listen to the birds say goodnight to Jesus.  At least, that is what I used to think as a little kid..........the birds at night calling as dusk fell, were like the Walton's saying good night to each other and to Jesus.

Maybe we can wait til the kids go to bed and sneak some ice cream and share a giggle over the fact we got it past the kids.

Maybe we can just sit and enjoy the sounds of our sleeping children in a house filled with love for each other and the love for Jesus.

But after this precious week..........I am going to do my best to love and enjoy and fill our lives with the little moments.  I am going to enjoy the kids little moments too, chase some lightning bugs, play in the sprinkler in the moon light.........

.oh the little moments that fill lives with joy and hearts with memories. Lord, help me be a builder of the little moments. Because we have an album of precious memories to fill:


Jennifer said...

So sweet...we often get lost in life with burdens and worries that we forget to live and enjoy life. You have captured the essence of that so well.

Thelma Strobl said...

Thank you..:)