Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer--day 19........plans......sometimes they work and sometimes they don't

I had planned to do a lot more today and do some thing fun, but am battling an allergy attack.  However, I did get supper on the table and it was ready the minute Mike walked in the door. Around here, that doesn't happen often because I am not always good at planning out when things will get done and the like.

Jenny set the table and even marked our places so we would know where to sit:

She has also apparently planned the activities for the evening and put place cards for where people will sit while they do Monopoly.  

She is a planner this one.  Her setting of the table might need some polishing, but she did it all herself and Mommy is so proud.  And while my plans did not work out quite like I wanted, it was a good day. Tomorrow will be better and hopefully we can do something fun.  I think Jenny's little friend, Maddie come over and she always adds adventure to the mix.


Jennifer said...

Sorry you are not feeling well Thelma. That Jenny is a sweetie pie!

Thelma Strobl said...

Thank you Jennifer. I am better. I have good days and bad between migraine and allergy issues but thankfully most days are good.