Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer--day late and a dollar short but oh so blessed

I really didn't get a chance to get on yesterday......just busy stuff and Mommy stuff and kid stuff. It was one of THOSE days.  Kids not acting quite right.......Mommy tired and a wee bit frazzled.  We didn't get any pictures made of anything, didn't do any thing spectacular. It was a good day though that ended with a wonderful prayer meeting at church.

It was one of those type of prayer meetings where the presence of God was so real you could feel the atmosphere heavy with His presence.  It was one of those prayer meetings where refreshing was flowing in billows and waves of love.  It was one of those prayer meetings that was life changing.

God is faithful.  My day felt so unproductive and wasted until we met with the Lord in the sanctuary.  I had had my devotions that morning which were sweet but just a struggle because of being tired and distracted. Then, at prayer meeting God took all the tired and all the frazzle and all the we got nothing done feelings and threw them out. He replaced it with rest and peace and the feeling of His strength and power flowing through my veins. Like my heart and blood was throbbing with the very presence of God, alive and bubbling over.  It is hard to put into words something like that when God moves in such a wonderful way with His precious presence.

The thing about being in His presence is it makes you hunger and thirst for more.

Here's my cup Lord, fill it up Lord, fill this hunger of my soul............

My cup runneth over..............thank you Jesus.