Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving blessings

Seems as if life has gotten in the way of blogging, LOL. Since I last blogged my middle daughter turned 6 and we had thanksgiving and life has kept me on the go.

Our family went to my Dad's and Step Mom's or as a friend says "a bonus mom" for Thanksgiving. It was such a wonderful holiday. Watching my Dad so different with my kids than he was with my siblings and I was touching. I am glad he has mellowed and is not the same man I grew up with. I am glad to see his gentleness and his sweetness with the children. Am I jealous? Not in the least. I am so glad my children can have a grandfather who is gentle and kind. We all change. We all make mistakes. He has and he did. Forgiveness colors the world with a new crayon. I can see things I never saw before. I can see him as a man who albeit it flawed, loved and still loves me. He loves my husband and our children. Does he have flaws, yep, and so do I. I can choose to walk and live in forgiveness. If I do not choose this road, my children would never know their grandfather. I watched as my littlest ran to my father and said "You is my "heyro". I watched my father stoop down and pick her up and treasure the moment. I watched my father walk hand in hand with my children and enjoy the slow pace he must take now. At almost 74 his gait is remarkably slower. The perfect pace for children who like to notice the pine straw and dandelions blowing in the cool November wind.

My God has orchestrated my life. Now I can sit back and watch my children bond with an older generation. I can see them learn compassion by slowing down to Grandpa's pace. I can see them as they learn our elders should be respected when they without prompting "yes sir" or "no sir" in respect.

I am hopefully back in blog land for a while. I will try, not promise, but try to blog some at least once a week, hopefully more. I have missed blog land.

I have missed putting down some of the cute things my children have done and now I can't remember...LOL. Proof that I too one day, sooner maybe than I want, be a part of the older generation..LOL.