Monday, November 9, 2009

Dear Children

Really, please tell Mommy if you spill something and let me clean it up. Your attempts of clean up are admirable but not the greatest in quality. When Mommy walks into the kitchen and finds the sticky spots you left behind, it is not so pleasant. Having one's foot stick to the kitchen floor at 5:30 am is not the way I wish to be awakened.

You are all sweet and precious. I promise you do not have to outdo your sibling in the cute area. You each have your own unique abilities and gifts. What you add to our family is wonderful in your own right. You do not have to copy each other to be cute. Be yourself.

Thanks for bringing such joy to my life. Having you 3 is perhaps one of my greatest gifts. You are symbols of Mommy and Daddy's love and the blessed assurance that God trusts us. Now, sometimes I think perhaps, HE overrated me, but He has more trust in me than I have myself.

One day you will be grown. I pray that I am sewing seeds of kindness and love in you that will effect others. I love you.

Love Mommy