Sunday, December 6, 2009

And the asthma/flu/whatever it is has struck

Christopher is quite ill but not in need of an ER visit as of yet. He is struggling but stable at the moment. I myself am fighting fear. Fear that H1N1 has struck and that because of his asthma he is going to end up really sick. I fight that fear. His lungs sound horrible. I refuse to give into fear and the whispers of the enemy. God is bigger than fear. He is bigger than the flu. He is bigger than asthma. My God is able!

Christopher has always been a trooper when he is sick. Never complains. What makes me the most edgy is my son is begging us to help him feel better. Crying that he feels so bad. He has NEVER reacted this way to illness. He is such a strong little boy. Seeing him like this hurts. It is a physical hurt of the heart and Mommy can't fix it. I think that is what hurts the most when our kids are sick. Not being able to kiss it away.


Burkulater said...

The flu is just awful. I remember having it when I was pregnant with our third and I cried to my husband because I could barely move. It passes. It will pass for you too, even if it seems like forever. Praying for your babies.