Thursday, December 10, 2009

Flu Flu Go Away

Go away and stay away. All 3 kids are sick now. Christopher and Jennifer are a bit better. Christopher has been the sickest, so far. Hannah has fever of 103 and feeling really bad today. Yesterday she was fine and ran some fever last night and it spiked this morning. So hopefully it will be out of our house by the time the weekend is over.

I pray that Mike and I do not get it. Mike can not miss work. I can not be sick either. I have my family to take care of. It is rough when all are sick. At least they aren't all desperately ill all at the same time. Thankfully we got Christopher to the ER when we did. Seriously, they said it was good that we did. If we'd waited until the next day, he'd have been much sicker. God is faithful. Always faithful.


Burkulater said...

I am so sorry they're all sick. Praying that you'll stay healthy and that the kids will turn the corner soon.