Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lack of compassion astounds me

I came across a blog about a baby born with anacephaly. I was shocked by the sheer lack of compassion and human kindness in some of the comments. Some said the baby wasn't human and didn't deserve to live. Yet in some of the pictures and videos posted you could clearly see that baby interacting with her Mommy. The baby could breathe and function without a ventilator. Yes she had a feeding tube, but she ate, she enjoyed her milk and she thrived. She blessed her family. She made noises and let them know by the smacking of her lips and soft crying when she was hungry. She COMMUNICATED. Hello it does not matter how much or how little brain that baby had. She WAS a HUMAN being. She had feelings, she had life, she communicated, in our way...no but in her own way. SHE MATTERED. Why is it people want to define which life is valuable and which life is not? ALL life is valuable. She was created for a purpose. She was fearfully and wonderfully made. Her family loved her and in her own little way she gave love. She responded to her mother's touch....and formed a bond. That is love.

I wonder where the love in the world has gone. I read on a mommy forum about people who have to have state assistance or they are struggling in this economy and people jump on them and call them names and belittle them. Or someone made some poor decisions and people jump on them and call them the worst of the worst. Or someone asks a question about parenting or a medical question and people call them stupid or tell them that there way is wrong. Spankers say non spankers are wrong and vice versa. Not many seem to find compassion in themselves to respect the differences in our world and give each other support. WHY? WHERE is the compassion? Why can't people see that we are all one paycheck away from poverty? People judge people if they put up a fake tree for crying out loud. I mean come on, seriously. Does it make someone better if they use a live tree? Many people are allergic or can't afford a live tree just to throw it away. Some have build a tradition around their "fake" tree. I was like, oh my word I can't believe someone just berated someone for having a fake tree. There is a lot more in this world to get worried about. Let's teach our children compassion. Let's support one another in love instead of berating people because they are different, believe different, live differently. It is fine to preach Jesus if you LIVE JESUS while you are preaching Jesus. If you berate people and their lives and give them no compassion then you are dishonoring Jesus. It just astounds me. I pray for those people because obviously they have lacked some love somewhere or something. They need prayer, but it is hard for me to see these people be so mean to others. Why are people so mean? I can not comprehend it.


Burkulater said...

The Holy Spirit is something we have they they may not. It's hard to remember a time when I was so wayward, but then, I am now, so I just try to remember that they are in darkness and I need to shine my light even more.