Friday, May 29, 2009

Thank God It Is Friday

Since some time last has been rough around here. I decided someone must have posted take all your frustration out on Thelma.....she can take it. People have judged me all week......some implied I am not a good mom cause I spend "too much time on Facebook or the computer". The thing is they don't know what I do in my I leave Facebook up all day and do something on there for a few minutes between chores and such. Could I do better? Yes most assuredly but do I deserve the invalidation I have received no. It was even implied by someone that I do not have a "REAL" job.....after all I am just a wife, a stay at home mom, a baby sitter and a pastor's wife.

Today is another struggle to not get angry. To not be in that effort I will blog about it and get it out of my system. How often do people judge others by what they "see" when in truth they are not seeing the whole picture.

There is a song....on Christian radio.....can't think of the title...but in one verse it talks about a Mom and her kids being disruptive on the bus....someone speaks to her and she says to please let it go cause they were up all night because their daddy another verse people are yelling at an old man about driving slow.......and its cause he has to go visit his wife.....but people judged them on one part of their lives.....never thinking about what might be going on. That song has been on my mind a lot lately. Because at the moment I feel like the recipient of such judgements. People do not know what is going on in my life. They don't see that blogging and doing Facebook helps me not lose it sometimes. It is God's gift to keep me in touch with the world....when I have been babysitting and caring for my home and family. Could I use that time better.....most assuredly...and I am trying. That being said....I am a work in progress.

So I said all that to say.....when we judge people based on one statement or things we don't know....we can hurt them deeply. I too have judged others.....we all have.....but after the week I have had.......I am more aware of it. I want to treat people with love....not judgement. My way is not always the right way. My opinion doesn't always matter....sometimes the other person would be better off if I just kept my mouth and ideas to my self.

Father...forgive me for me see others the way you see them......and not the way I think they should already be. We are all works in progress. Do in me......what you want to do and help me to Jesus......


Burkulater said...

Awe. This is a hard thing to handle. We all hear hurtful things, from time to time, but it seems like you've been getting a lot lately. Stay strong and keep praying. I really enjoy reading your blog, so don't stop :)

Thelma said...

thanks so much....and my Lord is faithful...I was exhausted today from the trials as of late...and we all fell asleep this pm....Mike's church he preaches at does not have a Sunday service but we were planning on attending the big church we attend......we slept too late.....I think my mind and body was exahusted.....and it just shut down for a few hours. In any case we played hooky from church tonight.....and you know...I truly think the Lord......gets it. thanks again.