Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Not Me Monday

It is not me who entirely pigged out yesterday on my husband's hamburgers...he marinates his in a sauce of his own making then bbq's them....to say they are yummy is beyond description...you do NOT need ketchup on them...that is for sure. We had no leftovers and now I wish we did.

It is not me who decided to get on the swing at the school despite me having vertigo...because my 2 year old asked me to.

It is not me who almost passed out with no one but me and her on the playground.

It IS ME who is thankful I stayed conscious and was able to get to the shade and sit down.

It is not me who is behind on laundry yet again....no of course not.

It is not me who is feeling weepy cause my little girl graduates Pre-K tomorrow.

It is not me who is wondering ........why sometimes it is harder to keep your mouth shut than holding back the tide.

It is ME who through God's strength kept her mouth shut today instead of responding to the trap that was laid for me.

It is not me who put a Dr Pepper in the freezer to get all frosty and is hoping...hoping....hoping I don't forget to take it out.......cause if I don't take it out.....I will have Dr Pepper icicles hanging from the top of the freezer yet again.

It is not me who is insanely happy school is about to be out for the year! I love my kids being HOME!

It is not me whose 5 year old already wants to know when she can go back to school! LOL