Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Battle Rages

And yet again with family issues.(outside of our immediate family)..I did not take the bait laid before me to react because

1. I am tired of it and must be respectful of my elders.

2. She laid the bait for me to have a response at my dear daughter's Pre-K graduation. Could she have not laid herself and need for attention aside for one special day. After all she is an adult!

3. I am fighting against the pain in my heart and I REFUSE I tell you REFUSE to let the enemy win.

4. Love isn't qualified by frustration with ones loved ones...i.e. just because you frustrate me and cause me to be infuriated does not mean I will stop loving you.

5. The enemy is in a battle to destroy families and I for one will not let the enemy destroy mine......that being said.....I will not let the enemy use others to attack my family.........

post interruption: Oh Lord Jesus me now.....cause my son who is 8 years old just let my 5 year old cut a HUNK out of his hair.....on the top of his head......can I crawl in a corner and cry now....good thing he is a boy cause daddy can give him a buzz cut.......

back to post......

I know that I know the enemy is working over time and wants to defeat me...I REFUSE. I stand in the gap for the people I love and I ask my Lord to rescue the perishing....the souls that are drowning in anger, self pity and bitterness that threatens to destroy them. I LOVE MY immediate family and those extended family that need a mighty healing from the Father above.

I will be so thrilled when I can post a post not filled with negative happenings. I am trying to find joy in the journey.....but my husband and I feel battered on every we fight to keep the enemy out. As for us and our house we WILL serve the Lord and we ARE more than conquerors in Christ Jesus. And this too shall pass....I just pray on the other side....we will have fought the battle with love and valor and Christ will get the glory......for it is ONLY in HIS strength we can stand.

update to hair cut fiasco: Please tell me one day I will laugh....I asked Hannah WHY she cut his hair..she said cause he cut mine.....I looked......and oh my word he cut it off short in one area in the will need to be cut to match.....I am has taken 5 and a half years for her to have enough hair to put into small pony tails.....I am so upset...I sent him to his room til his father gets home....I rarely use that tactic! I will keep you updated.