Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dear Jennifer

(Her birthday letter)

Dear Jennifer:

My darling baby, you are precious and a wonder to behold. Can it really be that you are 1 year old. Seems like just yesterday I woke up in labor and tried to convince the doctor to let me come in and have the scheduled c section. You were "scheduled" to be born 2 days later. But, even then you had your own ideas and stuck to your own plans. You never did things by the "book", even in utero. You weren't supposed to be able to do sommersaults, flips and all those twists and turns inside mommy with her that far along. didnt read the book. The night before mommy went into labor you did a HUGE sommersault in mommy's tummy. Unknown to us at that time you ended up getting your cord wrapped around your neck but good. (which is probably why you decided to kick start labor). Obviously you did not like it. I labored most of the day and finally in the afternoon around 4 or 5 pm, my water broke. Fear hit mommy like a ton of bricks cause the fluid was not clear. It meant that you were probably in distress. I called Daddy who was at the airport picking up your grandparents and then I called the doctor who said to come in. So I called a friend and she took me to the hospital. They hooked me up to a monitor and your heart rate was stable. Praise God. They took me in for my c section and I waited for your cry. They told me they would not let you cry right away because they wanted to make sure you didnt breathe in the fluid. So they suctioned you and then let you cry. The most wonderful sound in the world. I cried, daddy cried and you arrived safe and sound. For a few days you had a bit of trouble keeping your heart rate and breathing steady, but people prayed. You were about to be put in the NICU and we called everyone. The doctor came in and said, "she has not been doing well with her heart rate and breathing and we were going to do this and this, and SUDDENLY". Well, my dear do you know what and suddenly means God performed a miracle and your breathing and heart rate suddenly stablized. We were thrilled. We brought you home and you filled our lives. You completed our family. Christopher and Hannah were thrilled with you and would watch you in amazement. This year has been filled with many things. We moved from L. to LP and you lived in two different places in your first year of life. You have done everything early and on your own schedule. You are easygoing and happy for the most part. You are very loving. You will walk up to mommy and lay your head on my leg and rub my leg with your hand, just loving and being close. You can say "I wu oo" (I love you). You have several words but you dont talk a lot like you used to. You are too busy walking, exploring and climbing. But when you need to you will use them. You are a joy. An utter joy. Your brother and sister adore you. Hannah gets a bit jealous sometimes but so do you. You will push them away if they are loving on mommy and we are having to teach you to share. You will eat anything that doesn't eat you first. Christopher is beyond picky, Hannah really only likes veggies and some meats, but YOU will eat anything! You love food. You are petite and sweet. People say you are smart and quick. The nursery worker at church adores you and thinks you are the smartest baby she has ever seen. I tend to agree, LOL. Jennifer you are our last little baby and it amazes me just how quick you are growing up. I treasure you because you are you and you have so many things that are yours alone. Each of you children are unique and special. Never forget my little Jenn Jenn, God made you special. He planned you to be in our lives and we are better because you graced us with your presence. Your big blue eyes hold wonder and innocence and beauty. Your laugh is like a melody. Your cry, well it is full of drama and will break anyone's heart in a million pieces and make them want to "fix" whatever happens to be the trouble. My darling daughter I am so greatful for you, your life, your sweetness, your joy and even your naughtiness. Cause you can be so full of mischief. I love you Jennifer Grace. You are precious.
Love Mommy


Tinamtl said...

Ahhhhh I still remember when you were pregnant with her. Time passes quickly.

Thelma said...

thank...and yes it does.....too quickly!

Shawna said...

Happy Birthday, Jennifer! You were born into a wonderful family and have no idea how truly blessed you are...but you will with time :-)