Friday, July 6, 2007

Honoring my husband

What I did today:

1. I was talking with him about something and did not agree, instead of getting mad or starting to explain "my view", I listened, heard him out and remained calm. I still did not agree but we were able to discuss it with complete respect and honor.

2. He has been asking me to make chocolate chip cookies and I let things with the children and house get in the way. I made the cookies despite how busy I was. It made him smile.

3. I gave him a card that said I was praying for him through all these trials we are facing.

4. I prayed for him specifically and only him.

5. I thanked him for helping me with some household chores and didnt complain that it wasn't finished.

I love my husband. He is a hard worker and a gread dad. He doesn't mind changing diapers are cleaning up a messy food covered baby.


Shawna said...

Very sweet, Thelma. Mike is very fortunate to have such a loving, caring and sincere partner in life!

Thelma said...

awwwwwwww thanks hon. I am a work in progress......God's still working on me.....thanks my friend.

Christine said...

Great job! The 1st one is a real accomplishment. That's hard to do!

Thelma said...

thanks........and it is so hard to do.....LOL. I didnt do so good with it at one point today......LOL. I got kind of cranky with him.....yet I know part of it comes from the stress we are under...but still not an excuse. I am a work in progress....LOL