Monday, July 2, 2007


A million shattered pieces rain upon the floor

and it seems as if tears will fall forever more.

The sound of sorrow is like the winds of a hurricane

as our lives are torn asunder.

We did our best, we thought we were doing a good job

yet others apparently did not see it that way.

Now we seek a place to lay our heads

a place to fulfill God's plan.

Where will we go

What will we do

I know my Lord has not forsaken me

but man has failed us.

Man has shot and wounded us

and we are left to wonder why.

The darkness of despair beats against the windows

but the hope of peace is trying to keep it at bay.

Could we have not been taught what was needed

instead of having the proverbial rug yanked from under our very feet.

Where will my darling children lay their heads in two months.

Will I have to leave my darling children and go back to work

Will this forever marr our chances at ministry.

My darling husband did nothing wrong.

He did the best he knew how to do.

He stumbled along trying to learn

yet not meeting expectations he did not know where there.

We tried, we worked we prayed

yet now we must leave.

I do not understand. My husband does not understand

our children do not know the change that is about to overtake our lives.

Why God, why, we tried out best, we thought we were doing right

we know we were here by your design

God help me weather this storm for surely the waves are high

and the thunder crashes loud.

God help us.

for all wondering, without going into detail we are having to move. My husband did not do something wrong but someone's expectations were not met and he was asked to resign. I only hope and pray no one from the church can read this post. I dont think I have a link on myspace. To say I am devastated and my dear husband is devastated is to put it lightly. I cant put into words my pain. WE WERE SHOCKED! Utterly.


Thelma said...

This was writtten from despair not knowing all the facts as I explained them in my other post. I spoke from a very hurting place when I wrote this. I thought we had been treated unfairly but we had not. What happened was a long time coming and now I thank God because change can take place. While I still have pain, I now have hope. God is awesome.