Thursday, July 5, 2007

Honoring your Husband Challenge

I am choosing to participate in this 30 day challenge to find ways to honor my husband and show him I love him no matter what. In light of recent changes in our lives I am sure he needs reassurance that my love for him has not dimmed. He needs to know that no matter what, I will always love him. I think showing him respect as a man and finding ways to show him that I treasure him will help our lives, the transition we are making and our children. It does children good if they see their parents loving and respectful of one another.
My Goals for the next week:

1. greet him when he comes in the door instead of saying hi from the computer chair, the sink, the laundry room or whatever happens to have my attention.
2. Give him some undivided attention to either talk, snuggle, or just to listen to his ideas, hopes, plans, fears etc, instead of always talking about the children.
3. Make a "date" night HAPPEN at least once a week even if it only means putting the kids to bed and spending some quality time together.

I love my husband. I am not angry with him over what has happened in our lives and know it comes because of something that needs healing in his life. I want to support him while he heals and I want him to know I adore him. If you want to know more about this challenge follow this link:

this should take you to the list of things to read and do during those 30 days:


Shawna said...

What a wonder goal!!!

Thelma said...

thanks Shawna.........and maybe it wil not help me take things for granted and keep us growing together over time. In turn, from what I have read, as I do this, it effects how he reacts to me as well. I know my dh loves me, but sometimes he takes me for granted so I KNOW I do that to him.