Sunday, July 29, 2007

Dear Diary(tales from the crib)

Dear Diary: I don't know about this moving stuff. I have to supervise and help as much as possible. After all Mommy and Daddy might not get it right. So I am the official box checker. I get in and make sure the box is sturdy enough to hold all MY precious valuables, like binkies, toys, my brothers things that I want. I have also been known to take things out of a box mommy is packing if I dont think it should be in there.

After I get through checking the box from the inside I must check the box from the outside and add a wee bit of baby drool in order to make the packing process go smoother. If the baby drool isn't there, it is NOT done right.

And everyone knows after a hard day of helping mommy do it right, you gotta have a binky break. What would life be without binkies. I heard someone tell Mommy the other day she should, get this "TAKE MY BINKY AWAY". What? Are they NUTS? I was so proud of my mommy. She said I am not ready to lose my binky. I whole heartedly agree. After all, all this moving and packing is stressful.

That hasn't been my only stress in life lately. The other day mommy took me to the dr place. I do NOT like that place and I do not know when she will understand that! I tell her no no no, but she doesnt listen. Anyway, they made me lay on the shakey table. Said to see how big I am. I dont care how big I am I do NOT like that shakey table. I am 18lbs by the way and 26 3/4 inches. Dr man says I am small and mommy should make me gain weight. But mommy is happy with me just like I am cause I am fearfully and wonderfully made and very healthy and can do all sorts of neat tricks. Then get happened.......the most horrible thing of all. The lady in the bright pretty shirt and pants came in and POKED me with a sharp stick! MOMMY HELD ME DOWN! I was outraged and it HURT. NOT nice, those people are MEAN MEAN MEAN. So finally I got settled down and we went to see daddy at work. As soon as I saw him I started crying so he would KNOW how upsetting my day was. Now that doesn't end, more things happened. Some good some bad. My mommy's sister came to visit with my Nanny and cousins. But the thing is I was soooooooo confused. Mommy's sister...........she looks JUST LIKE MOMMY. Now tell me if that wouldn't confuse you too. First time, I wondered if mommy had slipped something in my bottle(not that she would) and I was seeing double. Mommy asked me for a kiss and I kissed Auntie cause I wasnt sure who to kiss. Then I decided it was better to just hang out in daddy's arms and stare at mommy and auntie. Two mommy looking people is just to mind boggling. After they left, I got really, really hot and felt so bad. Mommy stuck that icky thing in my bottom and said I had a temperature. This happened a week after the dr visit and I was scared she was going to take me back. The next day I broke out in a few spots and the day after that I had spots all over. So now, I am covered in spots. Mommy says I have the chicken pox from that shot I got. I told you shots weren't a good idea.....see what happens when you get poked.....bad things. I dont have fever anymore but lots of spots. My fever was high but it went down after a couple of days. I am a little itchy but that medicine mommy gives me makes me nervous(benadryl) so mommy said she wouldn't make me take it anymore. I act really agitate when I take it and mommy says it isnt worth it. So you see, life as a 1 year old isn't as easy as some people think. And the dr wanted mommy to take my bottle away, mommy said no, not til after we move cause too much change is bad for ya. I agree cause I love my bottle. Well, I must nap even though I dont really want to. Mommy is trying to get the camera to work so she can post pictures of my chicken pox, by the way they look nothing like chickens....what's that about.....?

Love Jennifer.


Mommy Reg said...

Wow! Lots going on in your neck of the woods. I love how you put it in Jennifer's perspective. Hope all goes well with her pox. She is adorably cute.

Shawna said...

You are too cute, Jennifer!!!

And I would be confused with two mommy-looking people in the house LOL And I have no idea who named those silly things chicken pox because they do not look like chickens.

Thelma said...

thanks yall. She is better....some of the spots are beginning to fade. The worst ones were in the bendy part of her elbow and it may scar but at least those weren't on her face. 2 weeks from yesterday........we pack the truck.....Aug 13th and leave out early, early Aug 15th for TN. Have an apartment in the same complex as my sis and a few doors down.....awesome!