Thursday, July 12, 2007

Kidney Stones

Apparently they hurt worse than 28 hours of labor I had with Christopher. Poor dh had to be taken to ER tonight with kidney stones. He is there now. I had to leave and bring the children home to feed them. He was in agony. Funny thing is I had hard, painful labor and didn't act the way he is, so I guess they hurt worse. They were giving him pain medicine as I left. I called a little bit ago and he was feeling NOOOOOOOOO pain. LOL. I am headed back in a bit to pick him up. But the kids were getting antsy in the room.

I wish he didnt have to suffer with kidney stones but it is a side effect of not having a thyroid and having to take so much calcium due to not having a thyroid. You really do hate it when pain puts your husband on the floor! I will post an update later.


Tinamtl said...

I heard this is more painful then giving birth! Good luck to him!May hehave a quick passing of the stone ;0).

Thelma said...

He finally passed it yesterday.....we named it "spike" LOL. He has to take it to a lab to be tested.

Shawna said...

Yes, they are very painful...but men don't handly bodily pain very well as it is LOL

I'll keep him in my prayers!