Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Layers of Me Meme

Okay this meme is swiped from a blog as I wondered through blog land. LOL.
I will tag Shawna, Tina, and Deana.......if I can figure out how. LOL. Be as honest as you can or are comfortable with.........LOL. If you wish to skip a question.......plead the 5th..........LOL. and make us wonder about the answer. Here goes:

Name: Thelma, born January 1st
Current staus: Happily marrieed
eye color: blue
hair color: brown with some natural(no dye) blonde highlights

Layer 2
My Heritage: a little of this, a little of that, a real melting pot of humanity...LOL
Fear: big dogs, spiders, heights
weaknesses: books, the computer, blogging, message boards
Perfect Pizza: hand tossed with pepperoni

My thoughts first waking up :No, not yet, sleep 5 more minutes baby, give mommy 5 more minutes.....LOL
My bedtime : 11:30 to midnight or after depending on the baby's mood.
My most missed memory: my grandmothers, how they would have loved my children and my husband. How I wish I could have shared my life with them. I think they woudl have been proud of me.

Pepsi or coke : neither, yuck...give me Dr. Pepper please
Single or group dates : I've never been on a group date, but have been on double dates with my twin. Those were fun
Adidas or Nike : really could care less......which is cheaper.....LOL
best ice cream flavor: without a doubt, chocolate

Smoke : no, never have, never will
Curse : once in a blue moon but no F words or God's name in vain, mostly what people today don't even consider real cuss words.....LOL
Take a shower : yes

Drank alcohol : once or twice.....had a strawberry margarita once that was so good, and I got a buzz, never drank one again.
Gone to the mall : uh.......yeah.......LOL
Been on stage : Yes, in high school....drama club and drama class
Eaten sushi : once...I did not care for it.
Dyed your hair : nope.

Played a stripping game : not with anyone other than my husband after I was married......wink, wink........LOL
Changed who you were to fit in : Not really, you see who you get for the most part.

Been Married : almost 8 years

Best eye colour : blue, just look into my girl's eyes.....LOL
Best hair colour : really doesnt matter to me..
Short hair or long hair : in between.....LOL

doing a minute ago : Doing this meme
doing an hour ago : watching food network cake challenge with the kids
Month ago : packing

I love : my Lord, my family, my life....for I am blessed.
I feel : tired of packing
I hate : when the kids whine and when dh pretends he is helping but he isnt really.....LOL.
I hide : nothing
I miss : a goodnights sleep

This Is Me
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