Thursday, August 9, 2012

Baby steps........big steps......healing

Tonight as I watched my son conquer part of his sensory issues, I realized, it started with baby steps, led to big steps and is producing healing in his life.

He has struggled for so many years with his sensory issues.  It was hard at times not to be discouraged, to not give up.  Yet, tonight, hope grew by leaps and bounds.  I felt kind of like the Grinch when his heart grew "three sizes that day". (copyright Dr. Suess).

 Not because I had not love or no hope, but because where Christopher's sensory issues were concerned.........I had near about given up.  Not that I didn't trust God. But........when you as a Mom have tried again and again, encourage, prayed, cried when no one was looking into your pillow......the hope factor on sensory issues can fade.

A child with oral sensory issues is not something you can just deal with. Children must eat to grow.  As children grow they eat more. However, when your child eats all of 10 to 15 things (at times it was less)  it is hard to watch. You get the advice "when he gets hungry enough he will eat".

This is NOT so for a child with sensory integration disorder. There is no medication. Forcing them will make the problem worse. Thank the Lord we never did that.  It has been a long road, a hard road. As mothers, we pride on feeding our children well.  We thrive when they enjoy food. My son, has never enjoyed food.  He eats to live.  He does not live to eat nor does he really enjoy most foods.  He tolerates food.

Tonight when he took a giant step into eating vegetables...he knew were there but could not see......m heart literally leapt within m body.  I was as proud as if my child won an award.  Growth...little steps.......big steps..........HOPE............God is healing my son. I knew He would.......but tonight I got to see the next step in my son's healing.