Friday, September 28, 2012

Day project

I am going to attempt to do a photo a day that leads me to something my Lord is saying to me.

Today is He leads me beside still I did post this on facebook before I got this idea, so it is a repeat, photo.

As I sat by the stream today and listened to the flow, it dawned on me, this water was not truly still. It was moving along at a steady pace. It was not rapid, but it was steady.  It wasn't "still" water, but it stilled my heart and it was peaceful.  Still waters, are not necessarily still under the surface. Life exist under the surface of the water.  And even in a place that the water is completely still, under the surface there is life.

Our hearts are sometimes, still, sometimes trouble and sometimes, just flowing gently with all the things God has placed there. However, no matter what, our hearts are alive.  The key is what are our hearts alive to? Alive to self? Alive to the world? Alive to worry? Alive to Christ?

So I pray, Lord, let my heart not be troubled, but a growing, living thing You use to bring peace and love to others. Let my heart be that gently, flowing stream that feeds peace to others and takes life giving love to others down stream.  I can not do that without You Lord. For only, if my source is in YOU can my heart give off life.  Let me be that witness that speaks of You. You the one, who is the way the truth and the life........for in YOU I find peace and joy and in YOU I can be filled to overflowing so that streams of living water flow out of my heart fed only by you and from you.