Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 7...This Old Barn

On our trip to the JBQ meet we saw some beautiful countryside. This old barn spoke to me, on how it doesn't matter how old we are or how worn out we feel, we are beautiful.  God uses us and He created us for a purpose. The purpose He has for us is unique to each of us.  We each have a specific plan for us. He uses us,  He equips us and He knows us to our very core.  He knows how to take what He put in us and use it for His glory.  God can use us, even when we don't feel like we have anything to offer.  All of us are important. All of us have something special to do for Him.  He never fails us or leaves us unequipped.  He can speak beauty through and old barn and so He can certainly sow beauty into someone else's life and heart through us and use someone else to do the same to us.