Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 4--Rain

Rain.........I love the rain, listening to it, watching it, even standing in the rain.  We all know rain is beneficial and how much rain is needed.  Yesterday, as it rained and rained I watched as the Fall leaves began falling with the rain.  The land preparing for winter, the earth receiving nourishment from its' creator.  And I know God is speaking to my soul.......do not worry about tomorrow. I watched some birds darting in and out of branches when the rain would soften..chirping their merry way. They were not frustrated or aggravated with the rain, rather seemed to enjoy it.  They were not fretful but as they fluttered, they fluffed their wings as if rinsing dust and debris off. The one bird I watched the longest was happily chirping along and content about her circumstances.  Her song was joyful and free.

How do I react to the rain that comes my way?  Do I worry and fret or do I trust my Father to take care of me.  Sometimes, to be honest, I worry, I fret and I grumble.  So, off base and to busy with my fretting to hear the still small voice in the rain........whispering.....Be Still and Know that I am God.  Whispering, do not worry for if I care for each sparrow that falls how much more I care for you. Whispering, sweet, precious words to me, to let me know the storms and rain that fall are for a purpose.  I may not see it now. I may not feel it now, but I can praise Him and dance in the rain like that little bird danced.  So today, I say, Lord, forgive me for my fretful ways.  Let me rest in the assurance that YOU are in control and that worry gets me nothing but frustration. However, if I will stop to praise You in the rain, and dance in the rain, things will be different because my attitude will be different.

So, whether physical rain, spiritual rain, or the rains that life brings........go dance in the rain.