Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 6...curiosity

Curiosity leads us to learn.....and grow and want to know more. As we walked at the park today my girls were filled with curiosity and I enjoyed it. Is there a bird in the bird house?  Do you hear the water flowing in the creek?  What happens if we put a leaf in the stream?

Isn't this leaf cool, Mom??

And what happens if we spin this swing ............FAST?

The questions of children are endless but never boring.  We as adults could use some curiosity.  I love seeing things through their eyes.

We came to one place at the park shaped kind of like the bow of a ship and Hannah said.......
It looks like the Now, she has never seen that movie........but it is what came to her mind...

The fun of childhood brought on by curiosity.........was priceless. What a great afternoon we had, waiting for brother to finish his after school tutoring.  These are the moments, that are treasured for a life time.

Lord, let me be like a child.  Let me be curious about the things of God. Let me ask questions and seek to know more.  Let me see You with all the possibility and faith a child sees You with.