Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 3....Dreams........

Better late than never...I forgot to do day 3 yesterday....

Dreams come in all shapes and sizes including of a pint sized boy who wants to drive.  Mom he said, "When I get my license, I will drive you wherever you want to go so you can take a break".  The sweetness of his statement was that although his wish to drive is shown, but it also shows his concern for someone else.

God gives us big dreams and small dreams. Do I included others in my dreams?  Do I share my dreams with others, or to I hide them under secrecy hoping one day they will come true.

Children actively dream, and hope and wish. A dream to them is more than a dream. It is a possible, regardless of big or small, possible or seemingly impossible. Their dreams are alive.  Adults dreams are as thin as vapor, easily let go of or lost.  We need to hold onto our dreams through Christ.  Let Him place the dreams in our hearts, planted  for the use of serving others.  Then we need to water those dreams with the Word and prayer and let God grow it to maturity or decide," this is not the dream I want, but I want to change it, because it will better serve my purpose for you".

So whatever you dream, that God has planted, let it live, let it grow and embrace it like children do.  God is the maker of dreams.  Let Him be your dream maker and dream weaver as He weaves your life into the tapestry He is making your life into.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made, created for a purpose and the dreams He plants are designed for a reason and He will bring them about, or He may even change them, BUT His dreams are the best dreams because they will bring Him glory.

He just wanted to sit at the wheel for awhile." I know I can't drive yet, but I wanted to see what if felt like behind the wheel."