Wednesday, August 1, 2012


How is it that kids grow up so fast? Seems like when I was a child, growing up took forever.  I wish I had taken time to enjoy the freedom of childhood, naps, sticky hands and the fun of all those simple things.  I try to see things the way the kids do.  So take time, to smell the flowers and catch a few lightning bugs. Take time to jiggle some jello and have fun.  Take time to make pictures out of clouds and imagine what could possibly be at the end of that rainbow.

We grow up but we can grow more if we allow the child in us, that is still, there deep within to enjoy life.  Growth doesn't mean growing out of things, it just means doing them a little differently.

So I think that being said....I may find time to dance in the rain.

Because our kids grow up too fast and we need to enjoy childhood with them.