Saturday, August 18, 2012


Blessings come in many shapes and sizes
Big, small and in between.
But everywhere you look 
you can find blessings.
Blessings are your children not ashamed to hold hands in a parking lot.
Blessings are the sound of their voices as they discuss their day with one another.
Blessings are making looking for school uniform pants fun
even if you can't buy that really cool football helmet.
Blessings is realizing your kids have grateful hearts even when you have to say no.
Blessings is knowing that value is not found in dollars and cents
but in love so pure and to true it can not be measured.
Blessings is seeing the joy in your children's faces as they tell you about their day
and know that they love talking to you this way.
Blessings are being surprised by God's provision for
a need you have before you even ask.
Blessings is being able to trust a Father who knows your every care and every need.
Blessings is peace in your home and love in your heart.
Blessings is knowing that your home is a safe place to land and that 
together your family makes a stand.
A stand that does not have to be loud 
but a stand that hopefully makes the Lord proud.
Blessings is realizing that life is filled with joy
because He gave you two little girls and one little boy
and they make life so much fun.
Blessings.......I am counting by one.