Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Memories....are made of these.......

Tea parties, dress up, best friends, big brother, Daddy, and time on a cloudy afternoon
just to pretend, princess pretend, knights and spots of tea;

and a hero needing to be knighted
even if the hero is a big brother, 
being a hero because he took time out
to have a tea party with his little sisters.
Heroes do not have to be mighty men of valor.
Heroes can be a brother pretending to be a knight in honor of his sister's afternoon tea.

Memories are night time kisses and bed time hugs.
Prayer time and play time
all rolled into one.

Memories are the things life time stories are made of. 
Stories that matter for years to come.

Memories of times gone by

And dreams of the future and all the possibilities.

Because at the very foundation of our memories and household is 

For if we teach them the ways of God and we kneel before the King of Kings With our children
when they are old they will not depart from it.
Prayer is the the glue that holds our memories together with love
and faith, and hope and is a cord that weaves through every part of our lives.

Lord, let our memories be in you and let us remember all the things You have done.
For it is by HIS hand we are blessed to have a treasure trove of love and memories.