Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ahhh Sweet Relief and other ramblings

Finally, I think all of us are on the mend. We have all been under the weather even me. Finally, I feel well enough to blog. Now coming up with a topic today is a challenge but at least I am "back". Jennifer was sick, then me and now Hannah is coughing too but not as badly as the other two were. Finally, getting more than 2 hours of sleep was the biggest thing I needed. I was able to actually get some sleep last night. I feel like a new woman.

I am babysitting today. A sweet 9 month old boy and enjoying it. Even though he is almost as big in size as Jennifer he is still a baby. Jennifer is so toddler. It amazes me how fast my children have grown. While you want them to grow and develop, it is still bitter sweet. Knowing Jennifer is our last baby is sometimes beyond bitter sweet.

I held a little baby in the nursery on Sunday and he was so very precious it took my breath away. God is faithful. He knows my heart and He will give me children to love and care for through baby sitting.

I will also be adding another little girl in about 2-3 weeks. I will keep her Fridays and Saturdays so her mom can work. She is a single mom and little M is a baby that is ill. She needs a liver transplant or more importantly a miracle. I will blog about little M from time to time as I believe with her mother for a miracle. Little M. Is a tiny, little peanut of a girl with a loving, happy spirit. I have to be trained how to operate her feeding tube but other than that we are ready to go. I will get permission to post pictures of her for prayer requests and the like. Right now, little M is in the hospital being weaned off her TPN pump...not sure about what that means but it takes 10-14 days. It will be one less thing I have to learn to do. BUT if she needed me to learn I would.

I pray I can show this mother and child the love of Jesus. I am not sure of the mother's status with the Lord but God does and regardless I will be praying for her and little M daily. We are believing God for a miracle whether it comes through the hands of doctors or by a divine healing. God is able.


Amy said...

I'll be praying for this little one! I'm sure your TLC will do her a lot of good!