Monday, January 12, 2009

The Love Dare

A while back my husband and I saw the movie Fireproof in which the actor took a love dare. I think ALL marriages could benefit from the Love Dare which is now also a book. In any case, a friend sent me a challenge to do this. So I am starting today. I will blog this as my journal entries until I can get the book. I will blog other things too but each day one of my blog entries will hopefully be about my Love Dare. Here is a link to the Love Dare Challenge.

Take it....I DARE YOU..........I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU....LOL.

The Love Dare Day 1:

Resolve to say nothing negative about your spouse today.
Ephesians 4:2

""Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love."

As I think about this......I realize too many times in a blog or one of my Mommy boards I say negative things, even if "joking around with other women" about the many faults of men.......this is a negative way of referring to my husband and it is wrong. Saying nothing negative is difficult. Because sometimes we think negatively before we even give ourselves a chance to find a positive. So I am resolving, even when aggravated with my husband to find something positive to say or do. I am not telling my husband I am taking the dare. I love him. I know he is the one God chose for me and I do not want to downgrade or put down in any way the gift God gave me in my husband. I am sure over the next 40 days it will be hard to not say negative things. Because the whole concept of the love dare is to do the challenge for that day plus the day before and so on.......some I may not be able to do quite the way the book intended if it involves money...but I will figure this out. I will SHOW my husband how much I love him. He is and always will be my Preacher Charming.


Amy said...

That's a very nice challenge!

We are having a marriage conference in February, Barry is leading it and we're going off of the Love Dare. I'm very excited!

Thelma said...

that is awesome. It is one of the best ideas I have heard and the movie was so really makes you think how the little things DO matter. And how we can so easily let the enemy creep in to try and destroy the marriage God gave us. But first we have to let our guard down...leave the door open a crack....etc. I know I have done it..taken my husband for granted or got snippy with him over something totally irelevant that days down the road would not be important anyhow. its those little grievances that dont really matter and we choose to get all bothered about that can cause so much pain.....I've done it........we've all done it. But I am trying this year to show my husband first and foremost but also my children that I love them for just who they are.....just as they are and in the process I think it will draw my closer to my King. Cause if I get my self closer to my King it will help me love my family more. I fail every day but my God.........He is so awesome that He forgives......isn't our God grand Amy? Isn't He, our FIRST love awesome and HE will teach us how to LOVE. that's what I want...that's what I long for most of all.

okay enough with waxing eloquent and all....LOL. I got a tall glass of milk to drink before my dh gets home and I surprise him with freshly made rice krispy treats all for himself.....I ate a little and am going to give him the rest.........well......just cause I love him......sssssssssh dont tell....its part of the love dare.....LOL.