Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Snore conundrum

I am so tired my brain can not function. My darling husband has been snoring really bad lately. He can't help it but it keeps me awake. I tell him to turn over and either he doesn't hear me or he hears me and then turns over.......but 360 degrees.....right back to full snore position.

That sound.......the sound of snoring....grates on my brain like nails on chalkboards...(sorry).....and sometimes I swear he does it on purpose (okay I know he doesn't but my sleep deprived brain thinks so). He went to bed earlier last night cause he had to be up early. So I come in to the room......not a sound is heard......not one peep, not one snore. I slip quietly into my pajamas and lift the covers on my side of the bed. Ever so gently and softly I climb into bed. I lay my weary head upon my pillow and breath a soft, quiet let it all out breath. Adjust my covers and pillow, close my eyes..........then it happens.........

zooooooooooooooonkkkkkkkkkkkkk......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zoooooooooooonnnnnnnnnk........

The snoring has begun. I try telling him to turn no avail. At this point a herd of elephants being ridden by a marching band setting off fireworks could not awaken the man. I stuff my pillows over my no ears are assaulted by that awful........sawing of my husband's nostrils in the midst of his dreams.

When we were first married. He did not snore or if he did it was a soft snore which I thought was "cute". Ahhhhh the wonder of newly wed bliss........LOL. I did not know then that the "cute" snore ages 20 times as fast as we do per year. So now after 9 years of marriage his snore is that of an old man......a large old man with a big snoz. And to my darling husband, I love you dearly but your snore....I do not think is cute any longer.

So what to do? The man works hard to provide for this family. He needs his sleep. But the has got to go. Those breathe right strip things.......waste of money.......although my kids think they are the coolest to play doctor on stuffed animals with. All their animals would have breath right strips if I let them.

Of course my dear husband says I snore to but it doesn't bother him......I have woke myself up once or twice snoring.....but for the most part I know nothing about it. Since my darling husband can sleep through does not affect him. However, I could hear a gnat sneeze downstairs and wake up wondering what the sound was. I am the light sleeper. My family......all deep, heavy sleepers once they get to sleep.

So here I sit wondering how I am going to help my husband stop snoring so I can get some sleep. One day this week.....I opted to find the couch. But sleeping on the couch days on end is not the answer. I like sleeping next to my husband as long as he isn't snoring. So any of you people out there in blog land who suffer the same fate I do......if you have ideas......send them on. In the mean time......I thought about ear plugs but then I am afraid I would not hear one of the children if they needed me. sigh..........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Heather said...

Dave has been snoring from night one. He's even had nasal surgery. Lately we've seen a huge increase in his snoring..he also has restless legs at night--OUCH.

We're doing the sleep study thing on this end, and I'm also making him exercise and try to drop a few pounds, but I think that we're looking at a CPAP machine at this point.

All that to say, I feel your pain (and sleep deprivation). The one thing that helps a little is if I can fall asleep before him (almost never happens, LOL).

Hang in there!

Amy said...

Ugh... that's not good.

I'm of no help, I have no snoring solutions. Only well wishes!!

Thelma said...

thanks.....both of you. Both Mike and I are working on dropping a few pounds as both of us have gained weight and his tendency to snore has gone up with his weight gain.

Oh and I suffer from restless leg syndrome too but will not take meds....because everything makes me so sleepy and groggy.....can't even take 1 benadryl without dragging for the next 24 hours.

My father in law has the has helped him a lot my mother in law says.

I am going to try and go to bed FIRST tonight.......LOL.

Hope the machine helps Dave. I think God made my husband cute when he is sleeping for a reason.(and any time to me) so I dont smack him...(j/k I'd never really smack him)....LOL.