Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me Monday

It was not me who skipped her exercise today because I was babysitting, allowing that adding an extra child who is only 9 months old would burn enough calories for the day.

It was not me who forgot I needed gas and barely made it to the gas station with my tank on E.

It was most definitely not me who decided to take the easy way out for supper and pop chicken nuggets and fries into the oven for the kids instead of what I had planned for dinner.

It surely wasn't me who took my husband's shirt out of his drawer and wore it instead of one of my own to hide the extra fat roll I am trying to rid myself of.

It was not me who relished in the just awakened sweet, smell of the baby I took care of today......allowing it to swirl me down memory lane and regret the fact I had my tubes tied after my last baby.

It was not me who laughed her head off when my children started burping their A,B,C's...after all Mommies are not supposed to allow their children to participate in such unruly behavior. is not me who is allowing the children to eat on trays in front of Disney on a school night simply cause daddy is at work and I have no energy left.

It is not me....oh no it isn't who is going to eat left over bbq rib tips from Famous Dave's instead of a lower calorie option. After all it would be my inlaws fault cause the FORCED me to the restaraunt on Sunday when they took us to lunch. I would never, stoop to such lows as to eat such high calorie foods when I am trying to lose weight.

It is not me who took my finger and licked the bbq sauce off the bottom of the styro-foam container where it spilled out I have WAY too much manners to be tempted by that wonderful bbq sauce.

It is not me who will refuse to look at the scale for days cause I have been so bad about my workouts for the last 3 day and my diet as well. could not be me.....for I would do never ever do such things.

It is not me....who can't wait for the kids bedtime I can curl up with a good book and a tall glass of milk to go with the rice krispy treats I am going to make ......cause it isn't me....most decidedly not me who can't resist the temptaion of having rice krispies and marshmallows in the house at the same time.............mmmmmm mmmmmmmmm good.

Calories surely don't count when it isn't me that is eating them right?


Amy said...

I could SOOOO relate to a bunch of these!

Starting with skipping exercise, taking the easy way out with supper, wearing Barry's shirt (which I am STILL wearing), etc.

Oh, and I've got a suggestion oh how you could rid yourself of the longing for another baby. It starts with an A and ends with an N. And the middle letters are -doptio-. =)

Maybe God is laying this feeling on your heart to prepare you for adoption, or maybe He's not. You never know. I'll never bug you about it again, but if you ever have any questions about it you can always ask me.

Thelma said...

Amy........I DO so want to adopt. My heart cries out for that. My husband is not ready. His parents adopted an older child from Korea.......she came with many problems and caused much heartache....some through know fault of her own....but for has made him the world of adoption. He hasn't said no....but he isn't ready on that fact I am in prayer mode. And thank you....cause if God wants us to adopt He will ready my dh's heart and soul for that child.......that special child waiting for our love. Yeah......I have the bug too........the adoption bug......always have.......always will. In HIS time......everything will be made beautiful.......just pray Amy.....that God's will not Thelma's be HIS will for our family. And I right now submit to His Lordship and the leadership to which He placed my dh in our home. I just have to do a lot of praying sometimes...LOL. And I know my dh's hesitancy is due to some of what he experienced.

Shawna said...

Thelma, I want to still your template... I am tired of my black. Were did you get it?