Sunday, February 1, 2009

Today...God showed me

A glimpse of what is being birthed in the hearts and lives of my children. Having had a week of fighting against discouragement, feelings of failure and inadequacy (all lies of the enemy). I saw something so beautiful and so sweet that I was reassured that what I am doing IS counting for something.

Today was my Sunday to be with Mike at the little church instead of at the big church keeping nursery. I told my kids before we left what I expected from them and that I knew they could and would do it. I approached from a positive stand point instead of a don't do this and this and this list. I told them you will sit still, listen and color and be quiet when Daddy is preaching. You will stay in your seats instead of trying to help Daddy. They took it well and said "Okay Mommy" and helped me gather some color papers. I prepared snacks for them cause they do get hungry around 11 am as breakfast is EARLY. (Don't know why this idea never crossed my mind before). Off to church we went.

I was their Sunday School teacher and we made bookmarks of love to give to someone they chose. They had a blast and Jennifer even did some cutting with scissors herself.

During church time they each grabbed a hymnal...and sang to the best of their abilities. We were singing "Because He lives.......I can face tomorrow........." I looked at my little girls and there they were....faces upraised, hands lifted singing praise to their KING. Oh my word.....the sweetness and simplicity of love on their faces was beyond description. They were not told to raise their hands and at the moment I was not doing the same. But it was done of their own accord. Their sweet faces all aglow with the love that children have for Jesus, was beyond beautiful.

Then during the sermon...with a giggle here and there and me having to whisper ssshhh a couple of times, they colored, listened ate their snacks and stood to watch Daddy a few times.......but were so good it would bless you socks off. Even the baby was good. I was able to listen as Mike preached about persistent prayer. How although Jonah had disobeyed God and ended up in the belly of a great whale....while in the hardest place of his life.....he prayed.....persistently until God let the fish spit him out. At which time he obeyed God. Proof that we don't always do it right but that God still listens to us. God is still on our side even when we aren't doing it right or if we fail to obey the first time. He still listens to us.
It was a great sermon.

At the end of service I had Jennifer in my arms and walked up to pray with people. Christopher had gone forward on his own accord to get Daddy to pray for him. Mike was praying with a gentleman and Christopher quietly turned around and laid his hands on the man and began to pray too. Jennifer in my arms........laid her wee little hand on the back of the man being prayed for and prayed too. Her little eyes closed in prayer "Desus hept amin".......and then just left her little hand in place until the prayer was over. Now, us being pentecostal prayers....are not a short thing...but she left her hand there.....praying in her baby faith filled way.

Then I knew......I may make mistakes......I may feel like I am running on empty but our children are learning and growing in the things of God. What more can I ask for. Their budding faith is beautiful. Their child like faith is pure and uncontaminated by the doubts of this world.

My God is sufficient in all things. He takes my attempts and turns them into something beautiful because HE CAN and because He knows my heart and my desire to be like Him. He doesn't see my imperfections or inabilities. He sees my heart longing for Him and longing to teach our children His love.

And Heather...thanks for the encouragement......I like the idea of taking "snacks in the word". That is awesome. Cause ever snack I have builds on precepts He has placed in my heart. God is faithful and I am awed and amazed at the work of His hands.