Tuesday, February 10, 2009

updates and such ramblings from a tired mommy brain

Okay first off my blood work came back. My iron is low.......low iron = tired. at least it was a simple problem. Oh and I "could be" beginning the stages of premenopause......but time will tell. My good cholesterol was a bit low..but diet can correct that. Bad cholesterol was normal. My blood pressure was excellent 108/62! The doctor's scale showed I'd lost 2lbs! HOO RAY!

I am scheduled for a surgeon consult on Wednesday for a benign lipoma on my left rib cage. The only reason they are going to take it out because it is sore and they just want to be sure 100% that nothing "bad is going on". My father gets lipomas and I have one on my arm which they will not remove cause it isn't "sore or painful"...just my vanity wants it taken off...LOL. A lipoma is a benign fatty tissue tumor just under the skin. Tends to run in families. The doctor does not expect it to be anything more, it isn't growing etc.

Christopher had his growth hormone test yesterday.

We arrived at 8:30 am and they inserted and IV port in his arm for meds and access to blood without the need for repeated sticks. Now Christopher, is terrified of needles. This lady...is the FIRST person that has EVER offered my son "freezy spray". It numbs the area the needle goes in. He cried one little ouch and was done......that is it. I LOVE freezy spray. The whole thing was far less traumatic than I have ever seen him have to deal with.

They took some blood as a baseline. His sugar level was 105 which is normal. Then they gave him some low dose insulin and had back up preparations ready in case he dropped too low. The drop of blood sugar tells the pitutary gland to release growth hormone. Usually you drop your blood sugar at night while sleeping so the pitutary normally releases it while you sleep. Anyway.....they took his blood ever 15 minutes or so to monitor it for the drop and growth hormone levels. His blood sugar dropped to a low of 35 but he tolerated it pretty well. He was very pale but talking and in no signs of distress. Then his blood sugar naturally converted and started going back up. He was starving....LOL. He had to fast for this test.

Then they gave him a medication, the name of this drug slips my mind at the moment. It drops blood pressure. Another way to fool the pitutary gland in releasing the growth hormone is to drop blood pressure. Now I have no idea how low his blood pressure got..but the medication did its job. He fell asleep as the medication makes them so sleepy. He was like a limp dish rag. Mike held him in a recliner. He slept through the rest of the testing.

After that was over...we were sent to xray. Now I thought he was having an xray of his back. Nope......it was an xray of his WHOLE body to check for bone growth. The started at his skull and worked their way down..each section they did was a separate xray. They even did profile shots. It took about 45 minutes even on his little body. His xrays were fascinating! I have to say.......biased or not....my son is beautiful.....literally from the inside, out. LOL. His bones were adorable......yeah a mother's love says her child's bones are beautiful. It really was amazing...! You could see the permanent teeth waiting behind the baby teeth. You could see on one that he had just swallowed some air as they took the xray. In the profile you could see the shadow of his nose and lips......it was incredibly amazing. And yes it is true.....our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made!

Christopher was a trooper. He obeyed every command/request given and did not whine or complain.......well at one point he was whining a bit....that he was hungry.....but he IS an 8 year old boy who had nothing to since 6 pm the night before.......He finally got a snack at like 12:15 and then lunch about 2 pm. Yeah it was a full day. We were at the children's hospital from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm.

Christopher was out of it pretty much the rest of the day....as they said he would be. This morning he is him normal self. Well his asthma is flaring a bit...but the weather is changing so that is a normal reaction for him.

Mike and I are really NOT worried about the results. Whatever will be, will be. BUT God's glory will be shown through this. Mike and I both have peace about the whole thing. Christopher, regardless if he needs growth hormone or not.......regardless if it can help him or not......whatever the results show.....our son......is a beautiful creation...full of promise and faith and love. God blesses us with this child and we pray God's glory will shine through his little eyes for all the world to see. It will be a week or so before we know.