Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Me Monday

It is not me who got lost trying to find the consignment shop she has been to before.

It is not me who got a call while on the way to Goodwill that her son was running fever and had to go the back way to the school from where I was at and all the while wondering if I was lost again. NO I would never have a reason to suspect I was lost.

It is not me who left her 5 year old at Pre-K to pick up at pick up time and took just sick child home.....only to discover AFTER I got the Pre-K dear daughter home she too is beginning to run a fever.

It is not me who stopped at Taco Bell amongst all her travels today instead of eating at home, (thank goodness for drive through).

It is not me who did an insanely happy dance when Jennifer did poop on the potty and gave her a handful of M&M's. after all I would never, ever stoop to all out bribery.

It is not me who wants to claw her stitches out cause they itch so badly (dont worry I will not do such).

It is not me who is waiting with bated breath for Wednesday for when the stitches DO come out. No I would always, be a patient person.

It is not ME who made the worst crock pot dinner I ever made on Sunday and am going to try and salvage it for dinner tonight. (will never use that recipe again). It is not me who is usually a good cook but served my family ICK on Sunday because there was no way I would throw away a crock pot full of food.

It is not me who has tons of laundry to do because I got behind due to my minor surgery last week. For some reason bending over ones washer while having 3 stitches just over my rib cage is not very comfortable...hmmm imagine that. Strange huh?

It is not me who has the 3 cutest kids in the universe even if 2 of them feel horrid.

It is not me who brags to all when her child has a success in the potty...nope not me.

It is not me...not at all me......who is craving something ooey and gooey and chocolatey......sigh.


Amy said...

Hope your stitches stop itching and that Wed rolls around soon for ya.

Also hoping you get that chocolatey treat! =)

Heather said...

Thelma, stuff over your ribs DOES hurt...I still hurt two years later (but my stitches were a bit more extensive, LOL). Give yourself lots of time and love.

Thelma said...

thanks much.