Saturday, February 21, 2009

Meet Miya....a sweet little angel

This is Baby Miya. Miya has Alagille Syndrome a genetic disorder she was born with. She needs a liver transplant but does not yet weigh enough. She is 18 months old and 15 lbs. Her liver issues cause her to grow slowly and abosorb nutrients differently. She is fed by a tube implanted in her tummy. She is a sweet, happy go luck little girl. Although she does not like the word NO. She is an absolute delight. This darling baby needs a tranplant and/or a miracle. God is in control.

Pray with me for baby Miya.


Amy said...

What a sweet little girl!

Praying for her!

Shawna said...

Praying... but how did you come by Miya?

Thelma said...

Thanks ya'll.

And Shawna...guess I should have clarified..LOL. She is a little girl I babysit 2 days per week. She grabs hold and you fall in love but quick...If I could add another to our family you'd be one of the first to know........sorry for the confusion.