Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me Monday

It is Not me who turned on cartoons for my kids and lazed/lounged/half way snoozed this morning while the kids overloaded their brains with cartoons on sprout.

It is not me who is still in her jammies at 10:30 am

It is not me who is about to throw away a pink toy Princess phone because it will NOT shut off and keeps making irritating beeping noises. (its a cheap toy so throwing it away is no loss).

It is not me who will find a way to do so without the girls' knowledge, might be hard considering the fact it will not stop making noise!

It is not me who made myself a bacon and cheese biscuit for breakfast despite the fact I am trying to lose weight.

It is not me who wonders if 8 years olds have a glitch in their brains that make them THINK they KNOW everything!

It is not me who is fighting the urge to send the kids to their room for the day....(not that I would but sometimes it is tempting).

It is not me who finds it annoying to be on the phone with someone who rambles on and on about nothing and expects you to know all the answers.

It is not my 5 year old who is 5 going on 15 and asked me if she will be old enough to kiss a boy and date when she is 8 years old. After all her brother is 8 and he is "all grown up". (I told her she cant kiss til she is lol lol).

It is not me who needs to get back into exercising daily instead of complaining about those extra pounds around my middle.

It is not me who needs to get back to blogging more....cause it is most definitely not me whose brain has gone on vacation without me....leaving me with the inability for form coherent thought.