Wednesday, February 4, 2009

If I could wave a magic wand...

Now I know they aren't real but if I could:

1. I'd wave that wand and all my chores be done.

2. I'd make people who judge others live one day in the other person's shoes.

3. I'd turn my grilled cheese sandwich into steak quesadillas (mmm I am craving them for no reason).

4. I'd give myself a new glamorous but modest makeover.

5. I'd add a few more extra hugs and kisses from the kids.

6. I'd give my dh a much deserved pay raise.

7. I'd help my 2 year old suddenly grasp the potty idea.

8. I'd clean my carpet.

9. I'd do away with cancer.

10. I'd do away with poverty....

so much I would do with that others....take away misery......but then I would not rely on my Lord. If I could do it all with the wave of a magic wand.....where would my strength come from? It is only through His grace and His strength I can do anything.

It is Him alone who has all the answers. Sometimes we do not like His answers but they are answers. How to deal with some of the issues I face......prayer and prayer alone. When I get frustrated, discouraged or feel alone.......(cause you know we've all been there).......prayer is the key.

Last night I went with a friend to see the baby I will begin keeping next week. She and I had a long talk. It was so encouraging yet at the same time helped me see some attitudes and misconceptions I need to correct. I love when the Lord uses your friends to help you grow. God is good and He is faithful and He answers just when you need what He has for you.

May I always be cognisant of the fact only my Lord can make me happy...truly happy with the joy He gives. Only HE has all the answers. Man kind fails us, disappoints, discourages and sometimes it helps us and lifts us up...but Jesus is the only one who can really help us. So who will I be...the friend God uses to encourage or the friend who tears someone else down.

I have had another friend, Heather.......who has encouraged me as of late. Just through the simplest word or encouragement or advice.....she was able to help me get past something....I was really struggling with. So I want to be that type of friend too, that type of wife, that type of mother, that type of daughter, sister, daughter in law etc.

He is molding me......and I want to be yielded. Yielding, surrender is not always easy or pleasant but to grow I must.

God is good all the time.


Amy said...

It is very obvious that He IS molding you! It's great to watch you grow!

Thelma said...

thank you....and isn't it wonderful to know God isnt finished with us yet.......each day we can grow, learn and trust more.