Friday, May 11, 2007

Blog 1st....

Are You a Spiritual Person? I guess I would have to say yes, if you count faith as spiritual. I don't believe in religiosity. That is people who are so busy being religious that they can't see that real people have real pain that does not necessarily have a cliche or easy answer. Our just telling someone to have faith and pray about it, does not solve their problems. To me my faith goes deeper than that. My faith is like the breath I breathe. I can't survive without it. My faith in my Lord nourishes my soul, my heart, my mind and my body. Faith is believing in what I can't see and it gives me hope beyond description. I often wonder what life would be without faith and I don't want to try it. Faith helps me find sunshine on a cloudy day. Faith helps me see that God has touched my children when their laugh rings out pure and true. Faith is spiritual to me. It connects me to my Lord and draws me closer. Yet my spiritual walk is not perfect. I make mistakes; I stumble, I have regrets, Lord is always there for me helping me throught that. My children are spiritual too. I believe part of our spiritual being is born into us. What we choose to do with it, either helps it to grow or starves it. My son is so spiritual, so faith filled, so close to God in his sweet innocent way that it awes me. He can talk to God for hours just like having a converstation with his best friend. He talks to God about everything from his hotwheels cars to his Mommy's headache. When he really deeply prays, it will take your breath away. His faith is pure, innocent and beyond his years. From him I have learned to persevere even when you can't feel or see the answer. Even when you feel like your faith is gone......I have learned to hang on. Spiritual to me is something beyond is a connection with the Lord who builds you up in faith and grace.

What Makes Your Blog Unique? I am not sure actually. I try to use humor and sometimes add something from my children's point of view. Looking through their eyes opens up a whole new world of possiblities and creativity. They see the world in rainbows and butterflies and if I can add a few rainbows and butterflies to someone else's day I would love that.

What Are Your Feelings on the “Blog Popularity” Issue? I truly did not know there was an issue. I don't get to get on as much as I like but now I may be addicted again since I started writing this meme, suddenly my creative mode has kicked in and ideas are popping in my brain like microwave popcorn. Better not leave them too long or they will burn. (lol) Mine is not a popular blob as it only gets traffic from those I know and I dont have a whole lot of people on my blog as of yet. But maybe it will grow. I have this blog and the one on myspace so I guess I will have to generate some traffic.

When Did You Start Blogging?Last summer thanks to my Shawna and a few others. I don't blog much but love it as a hobby. It really helps me put my thoughts down, so maybe I should get my sister hooked up. She has the gift for "gab" but she is a busy pediatric nurse, so she may not. But I can try as she is on myspace.

I am tagging: *TINA* .......*THERESA* and.........hmmmmmm not sure will have to get back on that........LOL


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