Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thirteen Things that WILL happen when you have a headache

  1. All the telemarketers in the nation will call you, one right after another because we all know they have radar to tell them when is the absolute worst time to call you.
  2. The older children will start fighting over the YELLOW leggo because apparently it has a specific purpose for them and no OTHE leggo could possibly do the same thing as THAT leggo is supposed to do.
  3. You will find out that your 3 year old or perhaps the 2 year old you babysit has flushed a small plastic glass from our dd's toy kitchen down the toilet. Which will require a plumber to come in and make awful noises while trying to get it out as your dear 3 y ear old and 6 year old ask him every question in the book about what he is doing and why.
  4. Your 10 month old will be cutting teeth, thus be very fussy and crying a lot.
  5. Your dh will call you from work and tell you about how he lost his temper with a vendor and had to apologize etc but didnt curse or anything but that he feels bad even though it has all been worked out. After all your voice has a magical quality to it at that moment and he must tell you how bad his day is going. Despite the fact your day is not going well at all.
  6. Your children will then have to play plumber and pretend to flush things down a pretend potty that is conveniently located in the middle of the living room. This game requires sound effects in stereo.
  7. Your children will then decide that flushing things down the pretend potty is NOT good enough and they must now flush each other down the pretend potty with sound effects of "help me help me".
  8. This will be the day that the city you live in decides to repave part of your street. You will hear the beeping of backing up equipment all day plus the heavy machinery grating the road will feel like a mini earthquake with each pass.
  9. Once your children tire of the potty game and you have your 10 month old down for a nap and decide to rest on the couch a moment, your children will remember somethign that they must tell you at that exact moment you close your eyed. For the location of all the planets in the universe will make them explode if they dont tell you at that precise moment.
  10. The neighbors across the street will pick this time, out of character to play their loud music. Usually they reserve the privilege of listening to their heavy metal music for 3 am. But today they decide that the pleasure of hearing their music pounding should be done in the middle of the day. They also must play it loud enough to rattle windows, since they think the road crew might drown out your ability to hear their music and after all; all good music rattles windows.
  11. A couple of birds will choose this day to set up shop in the tree outside and bicker. These birds do not have a nest there and they are not usually there. They are NOT pretty song birds, but loud noisy crows.
  12. You children having tired of bothering you decided they must act out the entire movie of Cars, complete with kachow, kaching and all those other noises those obnoxious little cartoon cars make. (Okay normally I think it is a cute movie, but not today).
  13. Finally, the said sleeping infant will be awakened by her sister who goes in the room and says "WAKE UP BABY, HEY BABY WAKE UP".

Sigh........yes, my mama always said there would be days like this.



Mommy Reg said...

I love number 13. Why do the munchkins always seem to need to wake up the baby? Especially on the days when it takes so long to get them to sleep? Hope your Friday goes better.

Thelma said...

thanks......and LOL....that is so true about t hem waking up the baby. I think today will be is awards day at Christopher's school. Don't know if he will get any awards but it is still exciting.

Shawna said...

OMG, LMBO. And here when I hold my brand new nephew I think how nice it would be to have one of my own ( a new one that is) Thank goodness mine are all BIG and OLDER.

I have to share this one with Tina who has her own migraine stories LOL

Thelma said...

LOL Shawna.....yeah sometimes I question WHY I had a tubal, then I have days like yesterday and I KNOW why I had a tubal......LMBO.