Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday Morning Musings 2

It is another Sunday morning. Mike had to go over to the church and open up but church doesn't start for another hour and 45 minutes. While he was there, I made coffee, fed all 3 kids, laid out our clothes etc. Since it is too early to dress yet here I am. He is back now and about to supervise Christopher's showering and make sure my ds washes everything. You know how little boys are they are too busy playing to wash properly.

Hannah is wearing her "pony panties". These are her favorite panties. If they are clean she must have them. If they need to be washed we must hide them from her so she does not wear them until they are clean. I had a favorite pair when I was 8. WONDER WOMAN panties and my mom had to threaten me to get them off for washing. I felt "strong and capable" in those panties. I WAS Wonder Woman. I had the matching undershirt too. They were underroos. I loved those panties and shirt. I just KNEW I was a secret member of Wonder Woman's team. I could conquer anything when I wore those panties. If someone made fun of me that day, it would bounce of my super shield. If I fell down, forget about it, I was Wonder Woman. It is amazing how as children our imaginary heroes make us feel strong.

I hope I can be a hero to my children. And let them know no matter what happens, they can come to me and tell me and I will help them. I will always be in their corner.

Jennifer is really walking up a storm. She is into everything! She took her first steps last month but wasn't as quick to take off all out walking. BUT, she walked sooner than the other two. I need my running shoes. She is much more adventurous than her brother and sister were. She already tried to climb the bookcase and out of the play pen. She can climb out of her walker. So I am a very busy woman. Maybe, just maybe I can find some Wonder Woman underwear and perhaps then I can be WONDER MOM.


Tinamtl said...

Wonder Woman panties - How funny.

What a cute story.

Thelma said...


Shawna said...

Oh you ARE Wonder Mom, Thelma! Your children are very fortunate to have you!

And Jennifer--yes, she will be faster at everything she does! She has two siblings to keep up with LOL

And lose the word verification LOL I have never been spammed and I don't have mine:-)