Saturday, May 19, 2007

GTKY Questions

My childhood dream was to: Were you able to fulfill this?

It truly was to be a a pastor's wife and a mother. Yes, I have fulfilled this. It truly shows me that the promise God gave us to fulfill the desires of your heart comes true. As hard as it gets sometimes, being a mommy, I never regret it. Yes, somedays I wish I could have a break but it usually doesnt last long. I would play dolls incessantly as a child. Of course, I was a tomboy mommy, LOL. I would help my dolls win the the olympics, the world little league series and much more. I played like I was the preacher any time my sister and I made Barbie get married to my brother's gi joe. (he was as big as barbie then and we were always swiping him for weddings, LOL). So, yes, my dreams came true.

When I am waking up each morning
I look forward to having fun with the kids. I look foward to Christopher getting home from school, discovering what he did during the day and watching Hannah and Jennifer learn new things. I look forward to Mike coming home from work.

The person I most admire is: Why?
This is not the easiest answer because I have so many people I admire. However, right now I would have to say my son. He faces so many challenges but has a cheerful heart. He works so hard in school and does so well despite the many times he has been sick and gone to school anyway. His size puts him at a disadvantage to the other kids. However, when he plays or runs in a race, he gives it his all. He doesn't stop just because someone else won. He finishes the race. I watched him in T-ball this year and he cheered for all his team mates and encouraged them. If he was tagged "out"; he kept a cheerful attitude he never cried. Other kids threw a fit! His faith is beyond his years. He believes he WILL be healed despite the fact we are still waiting for his healing to be complete. He has no doubt. He does try to eat new foods even when tears stream down his face; he tries. So I admire him. Yes, I admire my girls too each for their own talents and struggles. But he was the first one that came to mind. That being said, I wouldn't want anyone think I favor him over my girls. They each have something the other doesn't that makes me admire them personally.

If I could travel anywhere in the entire world I'd go to: What would you do there?

I want to go to Israel, Jerusalem and Bethelhem. I would love to walk where my Savior walked. See the tomb from which He arose. See the place He laid down His life for all mankind. I would love to see the garden where He prayed. I do not think I could go there without crying in thankfulness. I think I would have to bow in praise and honor to my King for the gift He gave.

The best book I ever read was: Why did it hold your attention?

That is a hard one. I love to read. There is a book, can't recall the name or author at the moment, but it is a Christian novel. It is about a woman who is a prostitue. She is rescued out of the lifestyle by a man who marries her. She ends up running away because she cant believe the love he is giving her. She is pregnant at the time. He comes after her and rescues her again. It is based on the book of Hosea, I think. I think it is called Redemption by Francine Rivers, but I am not sure. It is a good book.

What is one way you'd like to grow spiritually in the following year?

Read my Bible more and pray more. Like Brenda, I find I don't get it done because of the sheer business of motherhood. I love the Lord and I know I do NOT spend enough time in His presence. I want this to improve. Because when I do, my day goes so much better.

My closest friend would describe me as most like:
a.Oscar the grouch (majorly melancholy)
b. Big Bird (naive but extremely friendly)
c. Grover (well intended but not very tactful)
d. Cookie Monster ( fixated on the good stuff)
e. Elmo (curious beyond compare)

I would definitely have to say b. I can be naive and for the most part I am friendly.

If I had one day without responsibilities or interruptions, I'd:

I would get my scrapbooks done. I have so many pictures that are either in a box(all in the same picture safe box) or on cd. I would print out pictures and make my scrapbooks be up to date. I dont even have much of Christopher's done. I need to so work on my scrapbooks.


Shawna said...

I have read that book, Thelma! My grandmother loaned it to me and it has stuck in my brain all of these years LOL

Great answers, btw!

Thelma said...

I read it a while ago. It stays with you. It is a wondeful love story and a story of forgiveness. I could read it over and over. She is by far one of my favorite authors. Other good books by her are "The Atonement Child" and "The Scarlet Thread". They are so good. I like that in her books she puts out a message to people that basically says "All have fallen short of the glory of God". No one is better than anyone else but that we serve a God who is all forgiving and all loving. I love that.

Thanks Shawna. I am having fun with my blog. Now, IF I can only get on it between kid issues. LOL