Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday's Fab Photo

This is a picture I took of a painting Christopher did in school. It is the best he has ever done. I paintshopped a frame on it. But I am getting a frame to hang it up. I think it is beautiful. It he said is a picture of him sleeping in his bed under a quilt.


Shawna said...

That is REALLY good. Definitely frame it and hang it in his room--then save it to give as a babyshower gift when he has his 1st child. I have done that with all three of my boys' special stuff--and framin' ain't cheap let me tell ya'!

Tinamtl said...





He has talent.

Really. You should tap into that.

Thelma said...

That is a great idea Shawna...hadn't even thought of that.

Tina...I plan on it. His school lost their art teacher as she went to a new job. I hope and pray they get one half as good. But in the meantime I am trying to do things to foster his creativity. One thing I am going to do is have him take pictures this summer and make a scrapbook but he has to decorate the scrapbook with drawings and painting not stickers and such. I want him to use his pictures to tell a story of his summer