Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday Morning musings

As I sit here drinking my coffee, I thought I would take a few minutes to jot down some thoughts. The children's clothes are laid out waiting for them to dress. However, if I dress them this early dirt, juice, or some such foreign matter will find its way onto their clothes just before we walk out the door for church. If I wait until just before we leave, generally, but not always I can get to church and put them in their respective classes actually clean. Christopher is getting ready to take a shower. The girls had baths last night. Hannah is watching the Little Einstien's on Disney. I keep telling myself, "it is not annoying, it is not annoying, it is not annoying. It has classical music, it is not annoying". Hopefully, I will convince myself of that, eventually. Saturday and Sunday mornings are usually the time we let them watch cartoons. Jennifer is busy trying to get past the baby gate sytem, which she did once this morning before I secured it a bit better. She is not happy that we have blocked her from that wonderful and excting place, the KITCHEN. There must be awesome things in there because we keep her out. She has such wonderful problem solving skills for a 10 month old. Actually, it is astounding how well she can figure out things in seconds. She seems to have a gift in this area. Of course, I am a proud mom and every mom thinks her children are gifted. But, I truly feel my kids are smart and great thinkers. I am proud of them.

My husband is also getting ready. Now, tell me, why is it he takes an hour to get ready and I can get ready in 15 minutes tops PLUS get the kids ready. That never ceases to amaze me.

This time slot on Sunday mornings is one of my favorites. I can sit in front of the computer while Christopher and Mike get washed, Hannah watches cartoons, and Jennifer explores. Most times she does not get into trouble and she is where I can see her. It gives me some stolen free moments.

Our plans today are nothing special. We have church, lunch and then need to go to the store for some minor shopping. Nothing major but those things you run out of and need desperately, like Mommy's shower soap. We are also going to exchange my printshop program I bought that refuses to load. I think we will get paint shop pro instead. I will pay the difference out of my babysitting money. After all, I earned it. Then we will come home and get ready for church again.

This morning our church is having a Christian comedian, singer, speaker come in. I was impressed our Senior Pastor did that. Most Senior Pastor's do not like to give up the pulpit on a Sunday morning. I am looking forward to it. As an associate pastor's wife, I am finding a whole new perspective on people, how they can judge others and what they think if you miss ONE Sunday. Amazing how they think that the pastor or associate pastor's family should forget their kids have the flu or some other ailment and come to church anyway. When they themselves would stay home if they had a hang nail.(LOL). I don't mind, used to it by now, but it never ceases to amaze me. For example, I was out some recently because the children were sick. Then after that I had to teach toddler's church and on another day I had to do the nursery, and on another day talk about missionaries in the big kids children's church. So I go into the sanctuary the following Sunday and start greeting people. One older lady says "Well, I haven't seen you in a LONG time". I nicely explained that the kids had been ill and that I had been there but "behind the scenes" working in the nursery or children's church. All she said was "oh". I guess she wanted to have something else to say but to that answer there was nothing she could say. So I just hugged her and said "but the kids are better now and I am so blessed. God is so good". She smiled and said nothing more.

Being a pastor's wife is a work in progress. I feel inadequate sometimes, but I put that on myself. I think I am going to schedule a lunch date with the senior pastor's wife one day soon and try and grow that relationship. I stay so busy with the kids we rarely get to visit. I want to correct that. She has so much wisdom and experience.

I think I have rambled long enough. I did not know this was going to turn into a novel. However, I love writing stuff out here. I hope I can figure out a way to get on daily.